Dealing with Projections: Understanding Natural Law, Cause and Effect, Rhythm, and The Mind.

All human suffering is a direct result of disregard for Natural Law.  Natural Law, or Spiritual Law, is what governs the process of life on earth. Each person must come into alignment with Natural Law if they want to live a happy life. Let’s look at some examples of how Natural Law works.

Natural Law example #1.  If you touch a hot stove, you will get burned.  The stove does not care if you touch it. It will burn you if you do. It does not care about you, your pain or your feelings.  It is up to you to learn not to touch it, either by being burned and vowing never to do it again, or by heeding the warnings of others not to touch it in the first place.

Obviously, it is far less painful to heed the warnings of others.

As far as the stove is concerned, it is doing what stoves do – they heat up. If you touch it and get burned, that is on you, it is not the stove’s fault.  Now, I realize that a stove is an inanimate object, it has no soul or conscious thought of itself. However, it is the principle here that needs to be given ponderance, because it has real world implications.  If we act in a manner that disregards the warnings of others, or disregards cause and effect or the rhythm of life itself, we should not be surprised when we find ourselves getting “burned” or feeling miserable.

Natural Law example #2.  If you jump off a 400-foot cliff without a glider or parachute, chances are highly likely you will die.  It doesn’t matter if you are an adult, or a 3-year-old child who wanders too close to the edge.  Why? Because gravity is part of the fabric of the universe in which we live. It is a law that says if you tumble off a cliff, you will fall and be met with a painful ending.  Gravity does not care how old you are, your wealth, your social status, whether you are an innocent child, or anything about you. Gravity is gravity. It is up to you to understand the laws in place and to heed warnings and adjust your lifestyle accordingly so as to avoid becoming another statistic.

These are some real-world examples of a larger spiritual principle that people need to understand.  There are real consequences inherent in the greater universe that govern our behavior. Some call it Karma, some call it fate.  If you harbor hatred in your heart, and project that hatred onto others in your surroundings, expect the Universe to mirror all forms of hatred back to you.  We do live in a universe that accommodates our projections. We came here to experience ourselves in action. This is why our thoughts and our words should be handled with care if we want to be happy.  We do reap what we sow. It is part of Natural Law.  It is not the universe’s fault or the world being unfair if you experience someone being hateful toward you.  If you experience hatred from someone, your first thought should be to examine where in your own heart and life you have acted in a hateful manner to others or have been in some way harboring or projecting any hatred that is being mirrored back to you.  Remember, you are the creator of your own life. You get to decide the quality of experiences you get to have.

The problem for most people is that it is very difficult to want to examine one’s own thoughts and projections, especially when a person feels victimized by circumstance.  Their own eyes and ears tell them that someone is being hateful toward them, and they instinctively know they don’t like it.  The last thing people usually want to do is to examine themselves as the cause of their problem.  It is much easier to cast blame on the other person.  The larger problem with this, however, is that blame will only serve as a barrier to ultimately becoming freed from the projection of hatred. It is not them hating on you, it is the universe accommodating your projections, and using someone else to do it.

(A point to be made here in our example is that the hatred you experience from someone else may not be directly related to anything you said or did to that person.  The key is to look at your life and see where else you may have done something hateful to someone. It may or may not be from the same person being hateful to you in that moment.)

Generally speaking, this is why it is futile to become involved in activism.  Activism, by today’s standards, causes people to externalize their projections.  Now, before I go further, I need to clarify what we are talking about here.  There is nothing wrong with getting involved in a cause you believe in.  If you care about animals, for example, and you join up with people who rescue abused or neglected animals, that is a very noble thing to do. It shows your love and concern for God’s creation.  Your attempts to alleviate suffering in this world is a very worthwhile thing to do.  It would be advisable, however, to make sure that you are coming from a place of selfless motivation, and that your actions are doing the most good, and that you are actually having an impact.  If you just send money, that money may not be doing the most good.  Again, it depends on your circumstance. Sometimes giving money is better than not doing anything.  Check with your own higher wisdom and see if your actions are congruent with the results you wish to see.  If you come from a place of hatred or wish to punish people for their misdeeds, or have any unresolved anger, it will work to sabotage any good you wish to accomplish.

The biggest trap people fall into with regard to activism, is getting involved for the wrong reasons. Their head tells them why they are getting involved, but their true motivation is something else entirely.  The activism I wish to address here specifically, is political activism.  People get involved in political activism for a variety of reasons.  The trick is to examine our true motivations.  Just like when it comes to examining one’s own projections, it is very difficult for people to examine their true motivations as well.  Yet, this examination is crucial when it comes to political activism. In fact, it is absolutely necessary to do an inner examination of one’s true motivations in order avoid potential setbacks and misery.

People often have all kinds of great sounding reasons why they wish to get involved in one cause or another, many of which may simply be masking an underlying hatred or anger that needs to be resolved.  It is your underlying motivation that the Universe will be responding to and will be mirroring back to you whenever you put your motivations into action.  This is crucial to understand here.  I cannot stress this enough.  You may have told yourself all kinds of nice altruistic reasons about why you wish to get involved, but your true unconscious motivation will betray you and will ultimately bring to you the Universe’s ultimate response.  It is your unconscious motivation that will bring in results, and it will match whatever intent you are putting out.

In order to be authentic when it comes to the cause of your choice, it is imperative that you do some self-introspection and resolve any anger issues or issues of guilt or shame before you get involved. Otherwise, any unresolved motivations you have will come front-and-center and will ultimately be destructive to your cause.

Your particular choice of activism will say a lot about what hidden motivations you may have. These clues are good and can help you resolve any inner conflicts.  Use your emotions as clues on what to look for to dig deeper into your unconscious.  Whatever really gets you animated, whatever really gets you upset, whatever gets you off the couch and marching in the streets is exactly what you need to look at and sit down with and dig and figure out what your underlying issue is.

Digging deeper is no simple feat.  It takes work and dedication.  The first step is to write down why you want to become involved in your cause of choice.  You may come up with a list of reasons that may or may not be the real truth as to what is really motivating you.  This takes patience as you will be writing things down and examining them to get to the deeper motivation behind your conscious motivation.

Say for instance, your political motivation is to fight for the rich to pay their fair share, and this really gets you upset.  Each time you hear that corporations are being given tax breaks, or that some billionaire found a tax loophole, or some rich person got off on a technicality, you get seething mad.  Congratulations, you just found your hot button.

Sit down, preferably in a quiet place with few distractions.  Sit quietly and ask yourself why you want to get involved in your particular brand of activism. In this instance, you might ask yourself why you feel so strongly about the rich needing to pay their fair share, and why you wish to bring awareness to this cause.

Maybe you will come up with things like, “I want to make a difference.” Or, “I want to stop corruption,” or, “I want people to be held accountable.”  This is good, but you need to go deeper.  If you say, “I want people to be honest,” or, “Rich people get away with everything!”  Ahh, now we’re getting somewhere.  If you want people to be honest, dig deeper and ask yourself why.  Don’t back out and say that everyone should be honest.  It was brought up in you for a reason.  Follow the clues that are coming from deep within you.

“I hate being lied to.”

Yes! Go deeper.

“It pisses me off when rich people lie and get away with it.  No one should get away with lying!  I’m sick of being lied to!”

Fantastic work!  Keep going.  Did you notice that the focus has shifted from some rich person “out there” onto “you?”  This means you are getting close. Dig even deeper. Find out what evokes a strong feeling within you. Whatever evokes the most pain or emotion within you, go there.  Hold onto that and let the spotlight of your truth shine light on it.  Whatever brings up the most pain, the most rage, the most hurt, whatever it is, feel that pain, that rage, that ugly seething festering emotional wound.  Tell yourself that you wish to heal that part of you. Ask for guidance to help you.  If you want to cry, then cry.  If you want to yell, (make sure you won’t scare anyone within earshot) then yell.  Whatever you need to do, get it out and let the sunshine in.

The keys to healing:  Go within.  Feel the feeling.  Let it out so it can heal.  Remember it’s about YOU, not the other person.

Now, some emotional wounds don’t heal as easy because no matter what we do, sometimes our unconscious mind will try to hide the pain from us because it feels like it will be too much to bear. If this is the case, find a trusted friend that you can confide in, or better yet—find a counselor who can help you process your feelings and emotions.

If you choose to go into activism before healing emotional wounds, you will fall into the trap of projection and mirroring.  Whatever you project, you will heap back onto yourself. Guaranteed. It’s just how things work.

Regardless of how much emotional pain you process, even shedding a tiny bit of light on your internal issues will go a long way to helping you become a whole person, with pure selfless motivations for whenever you do choose to put your thoughts into action.  Coming from a place of personal power and selfless giving to a cause you care about will be much more powerful for any cause you want to become involved in.  You can’t bring 40 suitcases with you and expect to be able to skydive out of an airplane carrying all of it with you.  If you really want to fly, you have to lighten your load. Get rid of the emotional baggage!  You will be glad you did.

And I might be willing to wager here, that when you do heal yourself on a deeper level, your desire for activism in that category may just disappear.  You may just find that you are not triggered by those things enough to motivate you in that way anymore.  This is freedom. Now you can use your authentic higher motivation for a brighter, better cause.

Congratulations on waking up to a better, more authentic way of living.

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