The Dark Energies of Subversion, Exposure, and The Consequences of Natural Law

I talk a lot on my YouTube channel about Energy.  Energy is everything.  Even our thoughts are energy.  Energy matters, and the quality of the energy we put forth now is being shown to us in a spectacular way.

We are moving into a time where disregard for Natural Law, whether it be dishonesty or theft, or hatred, is coming out into the open.  We are being shown that behavior has consequences.

Most normal people instinctively know that lying is bad, stealing is bad, racism and hatred are bad, etc.  But has anyone ever wondered if these things are so bad, what is keeping that energy here? Is that energy really here or is it just a projection? If so, what is anchoring the energy of projecting those things here?

In the karmic understanding of Natural Law, everything comes down to motive.  What is your true motivation? Not the story you tell yourself, your pats on the back thinking that you have wholesome and pristine motivations in everything.  No, rather, the true motivations deep within your heart and soul.

What would cause someone to purposefully lie about someone else?  What would cause someone to lie and try to trash another innocent person’s character?  What would cause someone to commit a subversive or illegal act for money?  We could ask any reputable psychologist for the answer and be told a myriad of reasons why people lie and cheat and try to discredit or harm others.

But there is a deeper spiritual significance going on today that lets us know the world is changing.

We can see that the world is changing because of the fever-pitch craziness we see in society and the news media.

Let’s take politics, for example.  The amount of projection, race-baiting, lying, and scandal has truly been ramped up, especially since the election of Donald Trump.

Speaking of the President, it was not terribly long ago when the media loved him.  They loved to have him on their shows, they did interviews, they got his perspective on trade, his thoughts on foreign policy, and whether he would run for office someday.  They let him talk, and they seemed to fawn all over him.  Yet, somehow as if by magic, all of that changed overnight when he ran for President.  From the moment he announced his presidential candidacy, media pundits sprang into action and have been beside themselves, sometimes with noticeable seething rage at the President, jumping at every chance they get to discredit and smear him.

You all know this, I don’t have to spell it out for you.  We see it happening in real time.

But do we ever think to ask why?

Why the sudden change?  Why did the media go from loving Donald Trump years ago, to attacking him and digging up decades-old stories to make him look like a misogynistic bigot Nazi-type who makes fun of disabled people?

Let me tell you what is really going on from a higher perspective.

But first, let’s set the man Donald Trump aside for a moment.  What energies are coming forward?  Let’s name some of them.

  • Division and racial tension
  • Hatred and anger
  • Projection of moral failings onto others
  • Sexism
  • Fear

We see racial tension at an all-time high.  Hatred is off the charts, especially toward the President (Remember from my previous article that hatred is simply a projection being mirrored back to you.)  People are projecting their own failures onto others, women are being told they are being marginalized and therefore victimized, and here’s the big one:  FEAR.  Yes, fear.  If you read some of the tweets from notable people in politics and the media, you will see an attempt to fan the flames of fear.  Fear Kavanaugh! Fear Trump!  Fear the Future (so get out and vote)!  Do you realize how much FEAR is used as a weapon of control?

These energies are coming forward now, out in the open for the world to see. It’s like a big dump truck has dumped it’s load in the middle of the street, and now people get to see the filth that was in it.  And it isn’t pretty!

These things are coming forward because the energies behind them are being exposed.  And things that are being exposed are, in actuality, coming up to be healed.  That is what is happening. The world is healing itself and ridding itself of the negative energy that has been stifling human progress for a very long time.  But part of the process of this healing is that we all get to get in the trenches and see it.  Not terribly pretty, but very important and necessary.

Most people don’t want to see the corruption coming out because it makes them uncomfortable.  I say, bring it on!  Every time that lies, deceit, subversion and even treason come to light is good, because it is only by shedding light on something that it can be healed and reconciled.  And when you begin to see it bubble up to the surface, rejoice, because you know that it is coming up into the light of healing.

We have recently become aware that certain people have been working in secret, subverting the President in an attempt to thwart our Republic from within.  We learned, through the recent undercover operation by Project Veritas, that operatives within the U.S. government have been working to subvert and undermine the President of the United States.

Have you noticed this?  From the FISA illegal wiretapping and surveillance by the FBI, to Democratic Socialists of America working in every sector of government being exposed by Project Veritas, there is a wave of healing that is being offered to the planet and exposure must happen to allow the light in.  That’s why we are seeing this stuff come out. If it wasn’t being exposed, it wouldn’t be healed, and we wouldn’t be seeing exposure happen.

Seeing the exposure of corruption gets me very excited, because it means we are healing ourselves from dark energies!  “Drain the Swamp” is more than just a quirky tagline.  It is real.  And, truth of the matter is, it’s not President Trump doing it. It’s not the Justice Department doing it.  It’s not lawyers or anyone else.  It is an energetic shift we are seeing that is dredging up this stuff, so it can be healed.  People who hate President Trump and blame him for their woes, fail to see greater spiritual essence of what is happening.  Trump is simply a tool being used by the universe and mirroring back to them their own areas within themselves that need to be healed.  Donald Trump is one giant mirror looking back at you, like it or not.

This is why the Bible tells us to pray for our enemies.  This is a biblical principle based in Natural Law. You don’t defeat your enemies by #Resisting them.  You pray for them, become humble at heart, becoming contrite and aware of your own shortcomings and projections, and then you bless those you dislike or have issues with and hold fast to that which you wish to see manifest in the world.  It really is that simple.

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

Let’s look at a real-world example of the consequences of projection.

Now, back to the revelations of Project Veritas.  If someone is working to undermine a country’s operation, and they are doing it in secret, they are out of alignment with Natural Law.  To be in harmony with the life forces in this universe, we must be congruent with our thoughts, words, and actions, and align those with the energies of harmony and life itself.  Seeking to undermine something from within is a dark energy.

The universal forces of life don’t act in that manner. Neither should we, if we want to be happy and avoid unnecessary suffering.  What we put forth, the universe will mirror back to us, matching our intent.

Set aside personal opinions on this for a moment with me here.  If you go to work each day with the express purpose of thwarting the government you work for out of hate for the country or its President, what does that tell you?  Remember, it is all about motivation.  If our motivation is one of hatred or discord or subversion, or wanting to thwart or #Resist Donald Trump at all costs, the Universe is going to mirror back to you all that you are projecting.  So don’t be surprised if you are resisted at every turn with things that you want to do and accomplish in life.

They say, “Resistance is futile.”  They were right!

The time is coming when we are going to have to come to the realization that our actions have swift consequences and we cannot harbor hatred or negative energy in our hearts and expect to receive blessings and good results coming to us.  Conversely, we should not be surprised when our bad deeds are exposed, or become subject to criminal prosecution.  Projecting bad energy out into the world attracts bad energy to you.

You reap what you sow.  This is the heart of Natural Law.

The woman named in the video by Project Veritas openly states that she is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America and is also working for the Department of Justice, working to undermine our Republic from within.

In the video, it was stated that her actions and statements caught on tape would be turned over to the Attorney General’s office for review and possible prosecution.  Are you surprised?  Do you see what is happening here?

She was putting forth subversive energy, and she got caught up in the new energy exposing it all.  Exposure is happening exponentially!  Natural Law is bringing everything that is currently out of alignment back into alignment with the Universal Forces.  She literally will not be able to continue her subversive ways.  And as a result, Karma saw fit that she has been exposed, and she will likely suffer some consequences, and may even lose her job or face criminal prosecution, all because her actions of subversion were not in alignment with the energies of light that are here on the planet now.

The word of the day here is exposure, folks.  If you are doing dirty deeds in secret, you may have gotten away with it for years, but not anymore.  Why? Because there is a shift happening. When we see exposure happening on a grand scale, that should be our first clue.  If exposure is happening all around you, take heed.  This is not the time to seek to undermine someone or to project hatred or ill-will toward anyone.  If you do that, expect karma to come knocking at your door.

There is a Bible verse that sums it up quite well:

“For there is nothing hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.”   Luke 8:17

The days of doing dirty dank deeds in darkness are over.

Welcome to the new age of Truth!

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