Changing Search Engine Algorithms: Natural Law, Morality, and Knowing Right From Wrong

Note:  If you have not read my previous article, “Dealing with Projections: Understanding Natural Law, Cause and Effect, Rhythm, and The Mind,” I suggest that you may want to read that article first, as this article draws from the previous points made.

Do you know the difference between right and wrong?  Funny question to ask, right? If you are an adult, you probably say, “Of course I know the difference between right and wrong. What an obvious question. Next.”

But the fact is, large numbers of people on this planet do not know, and in fact, only think they know the difference between right and wrong.  We see examples every day of people doing what is wrong, all the while believing themselves to be in the right.  Sometimes they knowingly do something wrong because they feel that somehow their perceived goal is worth it.  However, their deeper motives betray their noble-minded self-perspective.

You see, the universe operates under an unseen force called Natural Law.  This Law governs the essence of life on this planet.  This Law is in operation, day in and day out, and it never deviates.  Knowing right from wrong is not just important, it is everything.  Not only is it a big deal, it has real-world implications of which few are consciously aware.

We as humans, through our own free will, get to make choices throughout our lives, and we either reap the rewards for making right choices or suffer the consequences for wrong choices. There is no blueprint given out in kindergarten that tells us what choices to make. We get to make choices and see what results those choices bring to us.

People make poor choices all the time that they either justify or don’t think will be all that bad and then they suffer for it, failing to connect the dots that their own actions led to their suffering. My goal in writing about Natural Law is to help people see the more subtle ways in which their choices violate that Law (with Karmic consequences) so hopefully they can avoid unnecessary suffering altogether.  I want people to recognize  Natural Law so they see it and understand how it works, and can learn to work with it, rather than hurting others, or feeling like the universe is working against them.

Natural Law is like a brick wall that people fling themselves up against, and then mistakenly blame everyone and everything else for their suffering. Wouldn’t it be helpful to understand when a choice we make violates Natural Law so we can make better choices?  I like to look at Natural Law as being in tune with one’s own conscience. I believe that our conscience is what connects us to Natural Law and serves as the mechanism to influence our awareness, helping us “course correct” back to our soul’s path.

How many times do we simply ignore our inner “tug” which is our conscience? Probably more often than we even realize.  Justification of bad behavior is a clue that perhaps you are ignoring your conscience.

We are not separate from Natural Law.   To be separate from this Law is to be separate from Life itself.

*                          *                               *                             *                            *

So let’s get into some real-world examples where we see people making rather huge karmic mistakes, violating Natural Law while justifying their behavior for doing so.

I suppose it is fitting to thank these people for being our teachers, for being willing to show us in real-time what not to do, so that those of us who are observing them can avoid their mistakes.

Let’s take the tech giant Google, for example.

Google was recently outed in a series of emails and internal documents showing that employees discussed corrupting the company’s search engine in order to push propaganda on hundreds of millions of unsuspecting users. The reason why is shocking.

Shortly after taking office in January of 2017, President Trump signed an Executive Order ordering a stay on immigration from certain countries until further vetting could be put in place to make sure that we were not allowing people into the U.S. from countries with known terrorist ties.  We know this as what is commonly called, Trump’s Travel Ban.

Immediately thereafter, on January 29, Mackenzie Thomas, Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google sent an email to a group of fellow-employees.  In the email she stated, “There is a large brainstorm going on throughout the Marketing Org… brainstorming about how to respond to Trump’s executive order.” She went on to say that she wanted, “To actively counter algorithmically biased results for search terms such as Islam, Iran, Mexico, Latino, and so forth.”

This brainstorming group at Google wanted to alter the search engine results in order to make them more favorable to their cause for political reasons.

While this is completely dishonest and unethical behavior, Thomas’ colleagues at Google who responded to the email were all too enthusiastic of the idea, offering their support for changing the algorithm and even suggested using Google’s platform to promote links to various groups soliciting donations helping to fight the travel ban.

Now, let me be very clear here.  It does not matter if you personally support the travel ban or do not. That doesn’t matter. What matters to the greater Universal Mind whenever we take any action is our MOTIVE.

What is the motive for changing search results (propaganda) to make them more favorable to causes fighting against the travel ban when it is dishonest to do so?  In Natural Law, the end does not justify the means.  To manipulate search engine results is to subject people to dishonest propaganda, which violates their ability to exercise their free will and obtain information that they are looking for.  This is a subversive, dishonest, and quite frankly, an astounding act.

To think that the employees at Google were more than enthusiastic about the idea is even more disturbing, and shows the level that people are willing to go, even if it means violating the rights of others, in order to get the results they want.  They were willing to do something wrong, viewing it to somehow be right.

We can be sure that any action taken that is deceitful or deprives people of their basic rights is not right action and is not in alignment with Natural Law.  To take this action anyway invites Karma to course correct back upon those taking the wrong action.

How could so many on this brainstorming team be persuaded to entertain an idea that was dishonest and wrong?  Why would they think that being deceitful could somehow be the right thing to do?

The first thing the Google employees should have noticed was how dishonest the idea was.  What if they had said, “I’m not participating in this, it is dishonest.”  Taking a stand like that would be the moral thing to do.  Coming from a moral perspective means you have a higher awareness of the greater implications of your actions, and you have a healthy respect for the rights of others.  Being moral means you choose to act in a way that honors and respects the rights of others, thereby respecting yourself in the process.  Morality and Natural Law go hand-in-hand.

Some will say here that the travel ban was wrong, therefore, fighting against it by any means necessary was the right thing to do.  But the travel ban is not the issue here.  Dishonesty is the issue.  Blatant dishonesty and deceitful actions levied against unsuspecting people who have gained your trust in using your search engine is the issue.  To dupe unsuspecting people for political advantage is the paramount issue here, not an executive order by the President.

Most people who are involved in political activism believe that the goal is to bring their Utopian view of the world into being by any means necessary, even if it means using force.  For the employees brainstorming this idea at Google, fudging search engine results to steer people toward certain outcomes seemed like the right thing to do, because after all, in their mind, the travel ban was horrible and must be obstructed at all costs, even if it meant violating public trust and usurping people’s rights.

What they fail to realize is that you cannot bring good into the world or elevate society by using dishonest means to get there.  If anything, fighting against something further anchors it in and amplifies the very thing you are fighting against.

Natural Law does not work by force.  It works with, not against itself.  It is ever growing, ever creating, as a beautiful ebb and flow of life.  Natural Law does not work to subvert, coerce or undermine others.

I am inclined to believe that the opposition to the travel ban was more about opposing President Trump than it was about the travel ban anyway, since previous presidents including Obama had instituted travel bans with nary a whimper from activists.  But President Mirror, I mean Trump, seems to bring out the best, or maybe worst, in people. He just seems to rub people the wrong way.

It should be noted here that Google Corporate came out with a statement in light of these embarrassing revelations, stating that it would never institute such algorithm changes, and that it would never seek to be dishonest in its practices.  It did not issue a statement, however, as to the brainstorm team, and whether they still had jobs working for Google or not.  We can only assume that these people still have their jobs, and still have the same mindset that sees nothing wrong being dishonest, or with violating the rights of others. We can only assume that the same people still work at Google who are perfectly fine with violating people’s trust, people who believe that they are getting honest search results when typing their inquiry into Google’s search engine.

I imagine there will be some necessary course correction in the coming months and years, (Yay, Natural Law) that outlines a more fair treatment of people’s rights when it comes to the internet that we all use, one which considers the rights of others first, when searching out information. Perhaps a Bill of Rights for the Internet can be adopted that will be honored, perhaps as we do our own Constitution, one that respects people from all walks of life, and is in alignment with Natural Law.

But in the meantime, maybe we can all begin to envision a world where we respect people enough to honor them as we would ourselves.  If we wouldn’t want someone giving us bogus search results when we type an inquiry into a search engine, we should not be doing that to others. This is also the heart of Natural Law.  Don’t do to others that which you wouldn’t want done to you. This is the beginning of knowing right from wrong.

If we all had that kind of attitude, can you imagine what a beautiful world this would be?

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