The Role We Play in Recognizing Truth

As with all methods that seek higher truth, something that I have learned is that we live in a world of illusion.  Getting to the Truth often takes things like dowsing, meditation, or spiritual studies that can help people get past the illusion that is so pervasive in society today.  By its very nature, Truth is at odds with deception and illusion, and can often seem or feel unrelenting or even belligerent.  It takes a lot of wisdom to recognize Truth, and often we can recognize it by recognizing our own internal reactions to Truth as it becomes presented to us.  It takes a Master to recognize the signs of being in the presence of Truth.

If you become uncomfortable or experience unexplained anger or emotional outbursts, you might be fighting with the Truth.  The spiritual Master recognizes Truth because he sees his earthly nature reacting to it or simply dismissing it.  He becomes a Master when he learns to discern what his inner knowing is telling him and recognizes his reactions, so that he can respond rather than merely react.

We may have the wrong idea about Truth. We tend to think that if we are acting in Truth, all will be blissful and heavenly.  But in actuality, Truth is more like a wrecking ball.  It sees what is out of alignment and desires to set things right.  Truth demolishes the building, which clears the path for wisdom and knowledge to bring in new plans for reconstruction that are from the higher realms.

So pay attention to what triggers you or pushes your buttons.  Whatever makes you react rather than respond, these are likely good places to look at what Truth is pointing out to you and bringing to your awareness.

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