Understanding Gender as a Principle of Natural Law

With all the talk of gender identities and the onslaught from media and higher education to redefine gender roles in today’s society, this is a good time to discuss the Principle of Gender as it relates to Natural Law.

Be forewarned: This article is not politically correct and may be offensive to some.  Although my intent is not to cause harm to anyone, my aim is to convey a Truth about Natural Law that right now is butting heads with a societal trend to change how society relates with regard to gender.  This is not an article against anyone, but an explanation of Gender from a Natural Law point of view.

I strongly recommend that you read my original post and subsequent posts on Natural Law to gain context for this article.  And remember: Truth, by its very nature, is at odds with untruth, and can often be seen as belligerent or even offensive.


Most people are very aware of the push in today’s society to redefine gender roles and eliminate traditional family values that for centuries have underpinned the ways in which people have related to one another.

I am old enough to remember the societal push in the 80’s and 90’s regarding embracing alternate lifestyles such as homosexuality.  Being homosexual in 1980 wasn’t as overtly accepted in society as it is today.

But there seems to be another push in today’s world that is asking society to go a step further and embrace transgenderism, especially in children. This push seeks to eliminate traditional his/her pronouns and replace them with a vast array of pick-and-choose self-identifiers in an effort to allow people to believe that an external change to the physical body or that simply changing one’s mind can somehow have any bearing on their inherent DNA.

Having a sex change, or in today’s language–gender reassignment–does not change our DNA.  At the level of our DNA, male will always be male and female will always be female.  This is hard for some people to accept, when we live in a world of instant gratification and of people being able to “be anything they want” or obtain anything they desire.  However, we seem to have forgotten that at the level of science, DNA does not budge in identifying male and female, and does not compute that identity is now culturally subjective to the whim of the one who wishes to be addressed and known by a different pronoun.

Science does not care about one’s culture, or how people choose to identify themselves.  Science will go on being scientific, regardless of how many people disapprove of it or get upset wishing it were different.

In today’s society, people are increasingly becoming harassed for misidentifying someone’s assigned gender.  In certain countries and circumstances, people are actually being taken to court and ordered to go along with someone else’s wishes on how they want to be addressed, regardless of what the Truth is.  We are told to ignore our eyes, and ignore science, and accept that the will of the one who wishes to identify as something other than what their DNA says they are, supersedes all other rights to refer to them as anything other than how they wish to be addressed.

Maybe the people pushing this can figure out a way to make DNA come into alignment with 21st century pronoun identification mandates.  It would seem that to be fair, DNA and science needs to change before the rest of society can be condemned for misapplication of gender roles that are ironically–based in science.  Let’s make science behave first, before heaping blame and guilt on people who rely on science for [mis]application of gender pronouns.

This may sound funny, but the problem is that science cannot and will not change to suit cultural sensitivities.  Like it or not, science, as it relates to gender, is a Natural Law.  We get into trouble and cause untold suffering in our world when we go against Natural Law.  And yet, it seems the human condition is hell-bent on pushing the envelope and testing boundaries whenever possible.  This causes suffering in our world!

Let’s discuss Gender from the perspective of Natural Law.

It is a principle of Natural Law that within the each gender resides a piece of the other.

The Masculine half of the Gender principle is typically known for being that of taking action. It is the Mars aspect, the god of war, the part of human experience that fights and “gets things done.”

Without being motivated to take action, we would never get anything accomplished.

The feminine principle, on the other hand, is understood as being softer, of being about care and nurturing. It is the loving, compassionate part of the human experience.

Without love and care and nurturing, our world would be cutthroat and cold, calculating and overbearing.

Take the Yin-Yang symbol for instance.

Image result for yin yang

Notice that the symbol is a complete circle.  Each half completes the other.  Each half has a piece residing in the other.  It is what allows us to have that connection with our “other half.”  Gender can never be about ignoring science or telling the Laws that govern the Universe that we wish to be addressed differently.  Natural Law will not care one wit about your preferred self-identification.

When you look at this symbol, you notice it has a dark side and a light side, each with a piece of the other inherent within it.  This is the principle of Gender. The Masculine has a piece, a capacity of the feminine within as does the Feminine have a piece of the masculine within.

Men, who are typically built stronger than women and are associated with “taking action” have within them the ability to be compassionate and caring.

And women, who are by nature compassionate and caring, have the ability to “take action” and get things done, even if it means fighting to protect their children or others when necessary.

This does not mean that men become women or women become men, but rather, that the characteristics that embody the traits of each can be found in the opposite gender at various times.

What if there is an easy explanation for gender confusion pervading society today?  For someone who is truly feeling like they are the wrong gender, what if I told you that perhaps your gender issues stem from a past life?  What if a certain soul comes to this earth as a male, but in the previous six past lives, they came into the world as a female?  Would that perhaps explain why such a man has a strong feminine side, or feels like he is actually a woman in a man’s body?

Or if a soul is born female, but spent the last several lifetimes as a man, might this female feel like they are in the wrong body?  But perhaps it is simply the soul not used to being the other gender, and needing this lifetime to learn to adjust.

The solution, therefore, is to have compassion and understanding and recognize that gender confusion may indeed be real to the person having such issues.  Perhaps it would be better to offer a gentle understanding to that person so that they can learn to embrace who they are now, and help their soul adjust to being this new gender, rather than want to take drastic measures against the physical body to bring it into submission.

We must understand that the soul chose the physical body for a reason.  The soul wants to grow.  And yet in today’s world, rather than work with what IS, and what we have been given, we often seek to want to merely change our external reality.  This is going against Natural Law.

The human tendency to go against Natural Law is the root cause of all of human suffering.  We need to come into alignment with Natural Law and work within it’s framework in order to alleviate suffering in our world.

To the one who beats their head against a wall, the wall will never budge. You can beat your head all day, but you may end up with a concussion, brain damage, or at the very least, a headache!

We are suffering and will continue to suffer as long as we choose to ignore and go against Natural Law, in this case, the Law of Gender.  While men have the capacity to embrace the feminine and women have the capacity to embrace masculine qualities, we must come to understand that recognizing the other gender in ourselves is what allows men and women to have healthy connections with each other.  But this does not mean that one’s gender can be imagined to be something other than what it is!

Some people think that if only society was more sensitive to those struggling with gender identity, the world would be a happier place.  I am here to tell you that we will only cause MORE suffering in society, not less, by continuing down this path of ignoring science in favor of cultural sensitivity.  Going against Natural Law is the root CAUSE of ALL suffering.

How much untold suffering is being caused right now because of this “push” to force people to ignore societal norms and cater to demands about which pronoun people wish to use?  In some countries, people are being dragged to court and fined for misappropriating pronouns.  How much needless suffering are we causing our children by raising them to be confused about their gender?

We would do well as a society to completely stop all gender studies that attempt to thwart or “change” science. We would do well to stop indoctrinating our children that they can “be whatever they wish to be” even if it goes against science.

As stated in previous articles in my blog, Natural Law does not care about you.  Just like the Law of Gravity does not care about you if you fall off a cliff and die.  Gravity will act regardless of your innocence, your wealth, your unfulfilled wishes, or your lifestyle.  Same with the Law of Gender.  This Law is immutable, it is in effect 24/7, 365 days per year.  It never varies.

Young children play dress up, and boys and girls often role-play as another gender. This is part of children being children and playing.  This is normal. We cross the line when we see their play as anything other than children being playful, and attempt to read into it as the child “must be transgender” and take it upon ourselves to force the child to take hormones, puberty blockers, refer to the child as “they” or to dress them as the other gender.

Gender identity issues may be better addressed by a qualified therapist who is not trained in political correctness, and understands the profound role that gender plays in human interaction.  If someone who has a child that is confused, or if you as a parent are confused, you may wish to find your child a good child or family therapist who can help your child realign themselves with the Truth of who they are.  We need to work with the person at the Soul level and help them adjust and work with what they have been given in this life.

Anything less than that will set that person up for failure for the rest of their life.  We must love our children and accept them unconditionally, but we must also help them to see reality for what it is, and help them deal and cope with reality, rather than cloud reality and pretend it is anything other than what it is.

We need to be honest with our children about the Truth of the life they were given.  Natural Law gave you your gender.  Attempting to change what IS will only lead to more suffering and pain.  Learn to understand Natural Law and embrace the Truth about Gender. Embrace the path chosen by the soul – the reason you are here experiencing the gender you were born with.

Embrace it, live it, love it.

Anything less will only continue to cause more misery and suffering.


For more information on Natural Law, please refer to my earlier blogs.

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