Minimizing our Karmic Footprint: The Essence of Natural Law

We often hear about ways in which we can lessen our impact on our world and our environment by being more socially responsible, doing things like recycling and conserving water.  It’s called minimizing our Carbon Footprint.

However, there is an even more important concept to consider that far outweighs the carbon footprint.  It is about being mindful of our impact on others, and how we treat other people, and minimizing our karmic impact on the planet.  This is known as our Karmic Footprint.

In my view, Karmic Footprint is much more important than Carbon Footprint, because how we treat others affects not only how we will be treated, but it affects the very energy of the planet.

Worrying about our Carbon Footprint is a bit like getting the cart before the horse.  If we were a truly loving society, our earth would respond to that vibration of Love and begin to heal itself. People would naturally desire to make the planet a more beautiful and welcoming place if we ended energies of division, greed and strife.  We would see humanity begin to work with the energy of the planet, called Natural Law, in order to align with the foundation that underlies our existence here.

We see how this plays out in various places on earth.  Places where there is a lot of fighting, war, oppression and other negative forces at work, the very atmosphere of the area seems stifling.  Take any inner-city, where gangs, drugs, gun violence and the like rule the streets and where it is not safe for people to venture out without being constantly reminded to watch over their shoulder.

People love to blame guns, drugs, and poverty for the troubles that plague inner cities.  Politicians are always looking for the latest crises to exploit for political gain. But are drugs really the problem?  Are guns really the problem?  Would crime cease to exist if guns were outlawed in Chicago, for instance?  Would people in inner cities stop taking drugs if there was no poverty?

The poverty that many inner cities experience is not poverty of means, but poverty of conscience.  People don’t need politicians to lift them out of slums, they need to embrace Natural Law and make decisions that align with higher truth and higher principles.

Only then, can the energy of those places begin to heal.

Humanity has been fighting against itself and against the forces that govern our existence here for as long as we have been on the planet. Tribal disputes and clashes have been part of our history. But there have been people who have endeavored to understand nature and work with the forces of Natural Law that govern life.

There is a profound respect that many native peoples have for their surroundings and environment, which I believe stems from living off the land and having to depend and rely on Mother Nature to sustain their very existence.

Many Native peoples and tribes throughout history have had to learn to work with the Laws of Nature in order to survive.  They recognized that their very survival was intricately linked to the environment in which they lived, and this understanding gave them a profound appreciation and gratitude for Mother Nature and the land that sustained them.

Native cultures tend to have a deeply rich and historical connection with the earth and a corresponding respect for the value of life.  Their oral histories show a deep appreciation for the way in which nature operates and they have used this knowledge to bring healing to others through the use of plant medicine and understanding and working with their environment.

Modern societies have largely been removed from connecting with Mother Nature.  We buy groceries from the supermarket with no real concern or appreciation for where the food came from or how it was grown.  We go to the doctor to treat symptoms and take pharmaceuticals that often don’t address underlying causes of disease.  We insulate ourselves from the earth by wearing rubber soled shoes which keep our feet from connecting with the earth. We drive around in cars with rubber tires, further insulating us from connecting with our environment.  Is it any surprise then, when humanity acts in ways that seem disconnected from our impact on our environment?

The environment is not a problem that needs to be fixed.  A toxic environment is a symptom of a greater problem of a toxic society.  Society becomes toxic when it no longer sees itself inextricably linked to the forces of nature and begins instead to operate outside of Natural Law.

Understanding Natural Law is really very simple.  Even young children can understand, and in fact–many of them are taught Natural Law principles as early as preschool.

I am reminded of the short writing called Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.  This short writing encapsulates much of Natural Law. The problem is, many people forget these truths and make choices that go against these principles once they grow older.  This, by far, is a leading cause of misery.  Much misery can be averted if people would stop making bad choices that go against higher truth.

Understanding Natural Law can be summed up as a respect for yourself and others and can be boiled down into two words:

Don’t Steal.

Don’t take what is not yours, what you did not earn, what you did not work for.  Don’t rob, kill, injure, maim, transgress, or do any other act that involves injury to another person. If you unintentionally harm someone, make it right to the best of your ability.

That’s it!  It really is that simple.

This is how I know and can speak with full confidence that forced equalization ideologies such as Socialism and it’s cousin, Communism, violate Natural Law.

These ideologies violate the laws that govern life because they advocate transgression of others by theft.  These ideologies further breed jealously and outright hatred of those who are considered rich.  Envy and Jealousy are one step away from actual theft.  It is best to distance one’s self from these ideologies completely in order to avoid the temptation to steal or in any way advocate theft from others.

People like to talk about the rich being greedy when in fact, it is the poor-minded who are consumed by greed.  That is why they can so readily project it onto others and see greed around every corner. This is the main reason why I wrote in my previous blog about activism and it’s relation to causing misery on the planet.  Many activists are some of the most angry, hate-filled people you will ever meet. They see a particular social cause that they don’t like (for example, the 1% versus the 99%) and they will consume themselves day and night fighting against that perceived injustice.

Doing this is futile if it does not come from a place of gratitude, introspection, and willingness to learn from others, especially the rich.  Most activists make blanket assumptions and statements about their perceived rich enemy without having the slightest idea who their supposed enemy really is.

In truth, an activist largely does not want to know or admit that the rich provide jobs for people, or that they give much of their proceeds to charity, or that they give money to help causes that benefit the welfare of society in general.

The angry activist doesn’t want to see that, because it would cause a heaping headache of cognitive dissonance that they are unwilling to let go of.  Having to admit they were wrong about someone can be a hard pill to swallow, especially if they have invested their time and energy in an attempt to prove the rich are the greedy ones who don’t care about others.

The adherents of Socialism and Communism by-and-large, are completely consumed with envy, jealousy, and greed. Rather than attempt to understand the rich, they peg them as the villain and blame them for their own misery.  When that doesn’t alleviate their frustration, and further, to make up for the fact that they can’t personally do anything to take the rich person’s wealth from them, they advocate for the government to do the dirty work for them.

How ironic is it that a greedy person would advocate stealing wealth from the wealthy while trying to pass it off as for a noble cause?


Socialism is the forced confiscation of wealth given to those to whom it does not belong and who did not earn it.  It is a violation of how the universe works.  Nature gives freely out of the abundance of her supply.  The universe does not steal from one group to give to another.  We must emulate Nature who is our teacher, so that we can begin to reconnect with the forces that sustain us and all of life here.  Nature gives freely of her resources. We must give freely to help our fellow human beings as we are able, as Nature does with us. That is true charity.  Wealth forcibly taken from someone to give to someone else will have negative energy tied to it—and here we seek to give negatively charged resources to those in need!

Think about that!

Why not give charitably with the energy of LOVE in our hearts to help those in need of assistance?  Why do we seek to give resources with the energy of forced confiscation and theft tied to it?

It is wrong and backwards thinking.  Yet we have a guide – we can always look to nature to see the blueprint for how we can work with, rather than against, the forces that sustain us all.

So how do we minimize our Karmic Footprint and align with higher truth and Natural Law?

First of all, we must be mindful of the impact our decisions have on others and on our environment, no matter how small. We must stop advocating theft from others in any shape, matter or form. We must treat others how we wish to be treated.

Minimizing our Karmic Footprint comes from an understanding that what I do impacts others and the effects of my actions go with me in the form of Karma.

What I do to others will in turn, be done to me.


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