Natural Law and the Womb: Nature’s Blueprint For Life

The nice thing about Natural Law is that is not complicated.  It is unambiguous and impersonal.  Natural Law can be understood as one follows logic to it’s fullest conclusion.  It is the essence of life on earth.

I used to be of the opinion that, while I personally would not advocate abortion, a woman has the right to do with her body what she chooses.  However, when I thought this out logically and thought it through from the perspective of Natural Law, I had only one choice.

I had to change my opinion.

Is the baby growing in the womb really the mother’s property, and is it really her choice to do whatever she wants with it?

I had to ask and follow where logic led me by looking at this from the perspective of Natural Law.

According to the Laws of Nature, in order for life to begin on this planet, a sperm and egg have to join.  The womb of a human mother is the vehicle which Nature uses to contain and grow human life for 40 weeks.  After that, the life that has been generated is given birth.  While the new baby still needs care and nurturing for a period of time, it will continue to grow on into adulthood.

While the body of the mother contains the womb, the womb is the special place that contains the baby.  We can say that the womb is central to the process of life itself.  Without it, children could not be brought into the world.  Nature uses this womb as it’s vehicle to support, nurture, grow and produce life on this planet.

The womb essentially is the residence for the baby that nature uses to produce life.

To interfere with the process of life growing in the womb is to deny nature the ability to bring forth life.  It is also denying the child it’s right to come into the world.

Though the mother’s body houses the womb, a child cannot come into the world without a womb. Therefore, the womb, for the period of gestation, is the residence for the life that is growing.  Since we cannot separate a child being cultivated from the womb in which it is growing without causing death, the womb remains an integral part of the child’s life.  The womb, therefore, belongs to the child for the period of time in which it is growing. While it is in the mother’s body, it is being used by another person for the process of gestation.

While children grow within their mother’s womb, they are not part of their mother.  They are not part of the mother’s body.  They have their own unique strands of DNA. They can have a different blood type than their mother.  They have features imparted from their father as well as their mother. They are their own unique person, growing within the womb that Nature uses to cultivate life.

The womb is the conduit that Natural Law uses to bring forth life and continue life on this planet.  We cannot have a pregnancy without a womb.  This is not some fancy opinion, this is a logical fact of life, as observed in Nature, following the blueprint of Nature’s laws.

While it is a fact that a womb is contained within a woman’s body, the baby growing within the womb could not survive without the womb giving it sanctuary, and therefore, a baby has the right to continue the process of life, as evidenced by Nature giving it life in the first place.

Natural Law and intelligent design created the growing baby in the womb.  To interfere with and terminate a natural process without due consideration for the consequences violates Natural Law.




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