Natural Law

Natural Law as Vibrant Expression of Life Itself

For those who have been following my blog, you have seen me attempt to convey the concept of Natural Law as that universal force that operates within the structure of creation.  It is the concept of living creation, emanating from a natural process, or byproduct–if you will–of its own growth.

Natural Law is that unseen force that guides all of creation.  Some call it God. That is understandable. Calling it God is to attempt to put a construct around something that is difficult to describe, let alone understand.

However, the downside to calling it God is that it brings with it a religious connotation, which is not exactly right, considering Natural Law is the framework of creation, not a religious concept. I prefer to view Natural Law as the creative universal force of Life itself.

Natural Law is the intelligence gives birth to creation. It is how plants grow from a tiny seed into a towering tree or how a fertilized egg can divide and replicate cells and grow into a breathing human being.  In order to have life, you have to have love that goes with it.  The Greater Universe is bold, brimming with life, and simmering in love with its own beautiful, vibrant expression.

I like to think that the Universe vibrates with joy whenever a flower blooms or a butterfly emerges from its cocoon and stretches it’s wings for the first flight.  I envision an almost tangible love in the air when a grasshopper takes its first jump, as leaves dance with the rustling of the trees blowing in the wind or the sound of a babbling brook as it tumbles over smooth stones.  This is the song of creation, of Life itself that we hear, which is why, incidentally, it is so healing for people to get out in nature and let creation bathe them in its vast expanse of unconditional love and acceptance.

Being in nature is good for the soul.  It is our connection to the Source of Life which emanates from the creation around us.

Natural Law is also the source of intelligence that guides human beings throughout our lives.  It is that connection that we have to Source that lets us know when we need to change course or when we are about to embark on an important step in the course of our earthly journey.

I personally believe that we have guides too–friends, or perhaps even what we might call angels–that assist us when we need it or when we seem to be at our wits end or lose our way and need help and guidance.

Since all living things are made up of energy, and energy cannot be destroyed, it makes sense to me that at the point of death, our energy simply changes form and we move into ever expanding awareness of our connection to Source.

This is the beauty of Natural Law at work.  That is why many of the mystics and teachers say that in truth, there is no death. There is only the continuum of Life and expanding awareness.

Now, regarding the process of life, we see that when a sperm and egg unite, nothing needs to be done in order for those cells to divide and grow into a fetus.  It happens naturally, by intelligent design.  The only way to thwart it is for the host to do something to intentionally to end the growth of that child, or for a spontaneous act of Nature to end the growth process.  Left to its own intelligent process, a baby will develop and be born into the world.

In the book of Genesis, it says that God created the world by his words, “Let there be!”  This example shows the power of words in the expression of creation.

By this we learn that there is power in our words to harm or to heal others.

It is true that what we say does have an impact on those around us.

How many times have we regretted something we said, and regretted even more that we could not take back words that we had callously spoken?  The Bible in both Old and New Testaments gives much insight into the power of our words, with admonition to guard what comes out of our mouths.  As Jesus said, “For out of the heart, the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34)

In another verse we read, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” (Proverbs 18:21)

The advice to watch what we say is more than just a nice admonition to choose to speak to others with kindness.  Our words also give us the power to create our experiences.  We literally contain within us the power of creation that can back up our words with action.  We create with every word we speak!

Our words help us to convey the convictions we hold in our heart. It is not merely the words we speak, but the intent behind the words that grabs the attention of the creative forces.

When making decisions in life, people often go on auto-pilot, going through the day performing mundane tasks of this or that, without really thinking but simply doing what needs to be done in the moment. But the moment we make a conscious choice to speak with conviction and align ourselves with the Universal Forces, we bring power to what we say and bring it into reality.

There is the old adage, “Actions speak louder than words.”  This is often true as well. Our words simply give voice and expression to our convictions that spur us to action.  Heart, Mind, Voice.  We need all three working in harmony to get the most out of our creative expression.

But is there consequence to acting without conviction, speaking without the Mind thinking, or having convictions that lay dormant for fear of taking appropriate action?

The short answer is yes.  Living with no attention or regard to the consequences of one’s thoughts and actions is what can be considered living an un-lived life.  It is taking no risk, and therefore gaining little.  To utilize creative forces within, we must blend our thoughts (Mind) with our intent (Heart) and convert spoken words into actions of meaningful consequence.

One thing about the Universe and Natural Law that I need to mention here again is that the Universe does not judge. It simply goes on being itself.  If we butt heads with Natural Law, we often experience consequences due to being misaligned with creative forces. This may be perceived as judgment from an “angry God.” However, it is not a judgment, nor is it punishment. It is simply an opportunity to realign with the forces of the Universe or continue to suffer.  We should not equate consequences of our actions with punishment from heavenly forces.  Consequences are the universe’s natural response that show us where we are out of alignment with the creative forces that govern the universe.

All suffering that we experience in this world is not random – it is the direct result of fighting against what is, and thereby not aligning ourselves with universal forces of creation.

I think Cecil B. DeMille was speaking of Natural Law when he stated:  “It is impossible for us to break the law. We can only break ourselves against the law.”

This quote depicts a universal truth underlying our experience.  It shows us that suffering is a choice we make.  Suffering, and its companion, Misery, is optional.  We did not come here to earth to suffer.  Suffering happens as a consequence of breaking ourselves against the law.  As we come to respect how the universe works, we stop beating our heads against the laws that govern this planet and learn to work with the creative forces at our disposal to create a life we may now only dream of.

Tibetan monks and others are able to perform what some would call miracles by walking on hot coals or lying half naked on a hilltop in the snow for hours and being able to melt the snow around them while not succumbing to hypothermia or frostbite.  Why is this possible? It is because they have learned how to work with the laws of nature and to harness those forces to create experience they wish to have.

Miracles are simply the result of having learned to work with the forces of Nature.  The possibilities are endless.  We limit our ideas about what is truly possible by not realizing we have vast amounts of untapped power within us to affect the world in which we live.

But we must understand how the universe works and seek to live accordingly in order to see the miraculous in our lives.

Here are some of the Natural Laws that humanity would do well to study and begin to understand:

The Law of Mind:  This Law states that everything begins in the Mind.  Thoughts are things, and thoughts are where creation begins.

The Law of Correspondence: As above, so below.

The Law of Vibration:  Everything is in motion.  Nothing is truly at rest.

The Law of Polarity: There is no such thing as opposites, only varying degrees of a thing.

The Law of Rhythm: Swinging to one side (pole) will naturally invite an equal measurable swing to the other side.

The Law of Causation: You reap what you sow.

The Law of Gender:  Masculine has within it an aspect of the feminine, as does the feminine have within it an aspect of the masculine.

It’s time for humanity to tap into its full potential and become the beings we came here to be.  It’s up to us to learn to harness the power within and create the life we want.  But first, we must learn to respect and abide by Natural Law.

Our future is waiting.


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