Don’t Steal: How to Re-balance the Karmic Wheel of Debt

I have found that endeavoring to do the inner work required to walk a spiritual path often may cause unforeseen consequences such as losing friends or having people misunderstand where you are coming from.

The thing I love most about Natural Law is that it requires no defense.  I don’t have to defend what Natural Law is, I don’t have to convince anyone of its validity, I don’t have to prove anything, because I’m not the one who invented it.  I am not the one who created the heavens and I am not the one who brought the essence of the mysteries of life into being.  Natural Law has been understood by few who have put in the effort, and I am only beginning to understand and attempt to convey these truths that have had such an impact on my life.

Natural Law is the Truth. It is not my truth, it is not any one person’s truth.  It is a universal Truth, much like the laws of physics.  The Masters have understood it and have attempted to convey its rich truth with humanity down through the ages.  Jesus taught these truths in parables.  Other Masters conveyed these truths only to select initiates within the mystery schools of higher wisdom.

And yet, humanity as a whole has been slow to grasp it.  Many remain ignorant of higher laws that govern their existence, erroneously blaming others for their problems and wandering through life creating misery while feeling like a hopeless victim of circumstance.

At this moment in time, we are on a path of self-discovery.  It is as though a window to higher wisdom has opened up for humanity, beckoning us to come higher into awareness and understanding.  We have an opportunity to acknowledge and work with the laws that govern our lives so that we can mindfully co-create a better world for ourselves and for our children’s children.

So many people remain glued to their own perception of how life works and are unwilling to recognize areas where they need to upgrade their way of thinking.  They still don’t recognize that their thoughts hold the key to higher awareness and higher wisdom.

It is their thinking that determines their lot in life.  It is their thinking that largely determines their level of happiness.

When I speak about real-world topics such as social constructs, socialism, or politics, I am coming from a place of understanding a key concept of Natural Law that what we sow is what we will undoubtedly reap.

Many people today, especially in the Millennial generation, erroneously believe that Socialism is a brilliant social construct that will benefit humanity.  They see the supposed immediate gratification of redistributing wealth, thinking that all of their needs will be met, and yet, they don’t seem to understand that any social construct that violates Natural Law is destined to fail.  And not only will it fail, but it will ultimately do much more harm than good, in direct proportion to the measure that it was implemented.

You cannot steal from someone and not incur a karmic debt to the person you stole from.  This is a Natural Law.  Likewise, you cannot expect the government to steal from others in order to support you, and you not owe something karmically.

Socialism sets people up to owe a huge debt of karma, not to mention the other distasteful points such as killing the entrepreneurial spirit, and stifling human creativity and growth.

I know I have harped on this before, but this is such a key point that it bears repeating.  One not need look any further than Socialism as a mechanism based solely on stealing wealth from some to give it to others.

Socialism is theft, by definition. Socialism advocates taking other people’s wealth and giving it to those who didn’t earn it.  This is immoral, and violates Natural Law, which inevitably invites rebalancing of karmic debt.

If I was to steal a thousand dollars from a rich person and give it to the poor, the act of stealing that wealth is still wrong, even if I felt justified in my intentions.  The fact remains, the money was not mine to take, and was therefore not mine to give.  I would owe a karmic debt to the rich person that at some point I would be required to repay in kind, whether in this life, or the next.

Natural Law is so incredibly simple, even a child can understand it.  It boils down to two words:

Don’t Steal.

Don’t advocate theft or stealing from others either.  Don’t condone theft from anyone, in any way, shape, or form.  Whatever you steal, you will be required to repay in karmic balance, at some point along your soul’s journey.

And bear in mind that stealing doesn’t just involve taking someone’s money.  Stealing can take the form of taking away someone’s innocence, stealing someone’s life, robbing someone of their happiness through a malicious act or intent.

These are all forms of theft.

The Hall of Records

The wonderful thing about Natural Law is there is no getting away with anything.  If a murderer doesn’t get caught in this life, it doesn’t mean he will not be held to account in the next life. There is no such thing as getting away with murder.

Many ancient religious and spiritual teachings tell us about a place known as the Hall of Records. This is the place where every thought we think and every deed we commit is written down and recorded. Ostensibly, this is done so that when we meet the afterlife, we get to have a life review of what we have done so we can learn from our mistakes as well as be rewarded for the good that we have done.

Everything we have ever done over all of our lifetimes is recorded in the Hall of Records.

This is why from a Natural Law point of view it is incredibly important it is to strive to do good to others in the time that you have on earth. Consciously choosing to improve the world around you and do good to others is how we release karmic debt and further release ourselves from having to learn the same life lessons again and again.

It also makes our journey easier and more full of joy and happiness.


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