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The Myth of Equality

If I were to come out and state that there is no such thing as equality I would have many raised eyebrows pointed in my direction and quite possibly even be subject to ridicule and scorn.

And yet, in today’s world, equality has come to mean something very different from the equality that founded this nation.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary originally defines equality as, “The quality or state of being equal.”

The second, more modern definition is that of a sense of “equation” similar to sameness.  It is with the modern cultural definition of the word that I take exception to the notion of equality.

Let me explain.

In the Preamble to the United States Constitution, there is a phrase that states, “…all men are created equal.”

First, we need to understand what was happening with the men involved in bringing those words to life.

They were in the midst of breaking free from the rule of the British King, and asserting their independence from authoritarian control. These men yearned to be freed from laws that punished them with high taxes and made them as nothing more than mere slaves to their British master.

These men fought for the right to be independent and live life on their own terms, not according to the dictates of a King.

By stating that “All men are created equal,” they were unequivocally challenging the notion that another mortal man–in this case the King– had absolute power over their lives.  They were stating that they had the power and right to rule themselves and that they, by an act of their own volition, were choosing to remove themselves from the rule of the British crown.

In essence, these brave men were stating that they had just as much power and authority as the King, no more, and no less.  In their view, “All men are created equal” meant that the King had no special power to rule, and as a result, they no longer recognized his authority over their lives.

Today, equality has lost it’s original meaning from what it meant to the settlers and patriots long ago who fought to come to this land seeking a better life for themselves. Equality today no longer means that no one person has the legitimate right to rule anyone else.

It seems that since the time of our nation’s founding, the idea of “all men are created equal,” has come to mean something other than the right to self-ownership and self-rule. It has come to mean that no one should have unfair advantages over anyone else, and that we should somehow strive to level the collective playing field in the name of fairness.

The problem with this subtle change in essential meaning of the term is that we have lost its original meaning and purpose. In today’s world, equality is viewed as pertaining to social order, not the preservation of the inherent rights of the individual to be self-determining.

Today’s definition of equality is that of taking an outward approach, trying to change external circumstances by force, whereas the equality of our founding came from an inward approach, which is the seat of self-empowerment and individual liberty.

The founding patriots basically said, “We have the inherent right given by God to determine our own path. We do not bow to any authority but God and we retain the right to determine what is best for ourselves and our posterity.”

Today’s corrupted version of equality says, “No one has the right to have any advantages that anyone else doesn’t have.”

Do you see the difference?  One is an internal holistic approach, the other is a globalistic outward approach.  The end results are not the same. One seeks individual freedom, while the other seeks to control outward circumstances by controlling people–the antithesis of freedom.

In the Natural Laws which govern our universe, seeking to control outward circumstances and especially other people without understanding the power which created those circumstances is sure to fail. In Natural Law, we recognize, as did our founding fathers, that no one has the inherent right to rule anyone else.  We are all created equal in that regard. No kings, no rulers, no masters, and therefore, no slaves.

There are no masters in Natural Law, which is Truth. There are only self-determining human beings who live and die by the choices they make.  Equality really has nothing to do with gender or social status or the circumstances to which one is born.

No one can guarantee equality of circumstance or outcomes. We don’t truly know what is in another person’s soul-path, let alone the obstacles they wish to deal with in order to learn the lessons involved in facing certain challenges.  In life, we need an unlevel playing field. It is necessary to our soul’s growth and development!

One person’s life lesson may not be the same as another.  To suppose that all life paths need to be cleared of any obstacles and debris is to make a judgment about that soul that is not based in any understanding of that person’s soul contract.  We don’t have that right to assume that others need our intervention so they don’t have to go through difficulties in life–which, I assume, is the basis behind the new definition of wanting everyone to be equal.

True equality is about the individual’s right to free expression of their talents and gifts, and overcoming obstacles despite an unlevel playing field.  The right to be self-determining includes the sometimes necessary learning by trial and error, as being tested and tried by fire.  The more challenging a person’s life path is, the more they can gain in spiritual growth and understanding that will ultimately benefit them in the long run.  We need not interfere by insisting that somehow the rules of the game be adjusted to make everyone more equal so as to make outcomes more predictable.

Freedom and the right of self-rule is the ultimate definition of “all men are created equal.”



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