We have a real problem in America.

We have a real problem in America.

We are entering a time in our history when we have become technologically advanced enough fake just about anything from editing photos of people that look authentic, using voice-overs of people’s own voices to say things they never actually uttered, and creating videos that look and sound real, but are not.

And then we are constantly bombarded with Fake News designed to muddy the already murky waters of geopolitics.

Left vs. Right. Democrat vs. Republican. Social Media censorship. Distortions of the truth. Who can we trust?

Along with all the perks of the Information Age, this new advanced age seems to have also brought along with it her dark-twin known as the misinformation age.

And people’s attention seems to be the target.

“Look here, not over there!” seems to be the media’s motto, as they gloss over facts that upset their narrative, while  creating narratives that suit political agendas and protect certain politicians and others from scrutiny.

Let’s face it, it’s much easier to turn on the six o’clock news, or go to any news app on your personal device and read up on the latest headlines. And if those headlines, news reports and articles happen to fit your worldview, then all you have to do is regularly check in with your favorite news source and get that dopamine release into your brain that tells you that you are favored in the mainstream, which then further reinforces your worldview.

But what if what we are being told in the news is not entirely true?  What if what most people are being told in the news is a mix of lies, untruths and propaganda? How would you know?

We are taught to trust those giving us the news.  But is that trust being misplaced? Are we being lied to?

Right now, the majority of mainstream media in the United States is clearly partisan, leaning left, if not hard left. Anyone who thinks the media is fair and balanced is kidding themselves.  Conservative Libertarian types like me can see it clearly, because we hear leftist narratives being pushed on a regular basis, while narratives espousing a conservative worldview are often mocked and derided.

With regularity.

We see how our views are trivialized and portrayed as something other than what we actually ascribe to.  We see ourselves and our worldview constantly mocked and made fun of.

Just recently, Don Lemon of CNN was caught laughing hysterically, to the point of wiping away tears, as a guest to his show was denigrating President Trump, and then his supporters, all while faking a southern accent.


CNN’s Don Lemon Makes Statement About Outrageous Clip Mocking Trump Supporters, but People Aren’t Buying It


But there are still those who see no problem with how the news is reported.  I did a simple search on what percentage of the media is biased and got these results:

What percent of media is biased?
According to the poll, 78% of conservatives think the mass media is biased, as compared with 44% of liberals and 50% of moderates. Only about 36% view mass media reporting as “just about right”. A 2014 Gallup poll found that a plurality of Americans believe the media is biased to favor liberal politics.
en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Media_bias_in_the_United_States

So according to this poll, conservatives are more likely than their liberal counterparts to think that the media is biased to favor liberal politics.  Perhaps liberals don’t see it because they are living in a liberal echo chamber?

I don’t know, it’s Just a thought.

Perhaps those leftists who see nothing wrong with mocking people on the right or who wish to put all Republicans into re-education camps (as Project Veritas recently demonstrated with undercover bombshell of not one, but two Bernie Sanders staffers stating that intent), then yes, it’s no wonder that those people might not see anything wrong with how the media reports its news.

But to the rest of us, we feel it, we see it and we recognize it for what it is.

And we don’t trust the mainstream media.

I speak for myself, but know I speak for others as well on this issue.

Here is a gem of a Washington Post article from 2012 which puts the onus on the public, since according to them, media bias is simply a matter of public perception.


I have always been onto the media. I pay attention to the WAY in which the newscasters speak, not just to the words they utter. I also watch their body language.  I listen to what they don’t say in their reporting, as well as what they imply.  I look into their eyes, the seat of their soul, just in case there’s anyone home.

I listened to the way Lawrence O’Donnell talked regarding the impeachment trial in the Senate, just before the president’s attorneys got up to present their defense, saying that the Democrat House managers case that had been brought before the Senate was, you know, “the facts in the case.”


As though President Trump’s lawyers have no facts relevant to the case?  As though the facts were already laid out, and anything that Trump’s lawyers were about to say should be listened to in light of already hearing the “facts” as presented by Adam Schiff and company?

Facts.  How about we hear the testimony from ICIG Michael Adkinson that Adam Schiff has is currently keeping hidden from the Senate?  How about those facts in the case?

Oops, we can’t– because Adam Schiff classified that particular witness transcript.  I guess he didn’t want you or the Senate to know about it. And neither does Mr. O’Donnell, obviously.

You can read about that here:

Rep. Ratcliffe Explains Why Adam Schiff Continues to Hold Back Transcript of ICIG Atkinson’s Testimony

For three days I actually watched the live-feed of the Impeachment Trial and listened to statements made by Trump’s legal team.

I watched as Jay Sekulow and others, excoriated the left’s case, point by point, dismantling it brick by brick. The legal team was brilliant, and laid out an excellent defense, from what I saw.

When I got up the following morning, I checked the news app on my phone just to see what the mainstream media was saying.

The first article I came across was “Five Things You Need to Know about Trumps Defense.”

The article went on to give a synopsis of how the defense lawyers missed relevant points and mishandled the case and how the President’s legal team “tries to dismantle the House Manager’s case.”

Tries to dismantle? from what I saw, President Trump’s attorneys absolutely freaking threw a nuclear bomb on the House Manager’s so-called “case.” They were obliterated, crushed beneath the weight of the evidence brought forward.

There was no “try” in dismantling anything.  It was almost painful, like watching a professional Jujitsu master take down a low-level initiate.

And yet, the article I read had to had to spin it as though the Democrats stood strong, when the president’s lawyers had clearly won that round.

Tries to dismantle?

I had no choice but to wonder if these people had actually watched the same live-stream attorney statements as I had?  Did they watch Jay Sekulow, Pat Cipollone or Pam Bondi?  How could they come to such a complete opposite conclusion as I did?  Did they have the mute button pushed?  Did they even watch it?

Pam Bondi detonated a MOAB on the Democrats when she gave a point-by-point expose’ on Joe and Hunter Biden’s dirty dealings in Ukraine while Joe Biden was Vice President under Obama.


And then when Trump legal team read aloud Adam Schiff’s rendition of Trump’s phone call that Schiff had read into the House record (only to state later it was only “parody,”) Senator Barasso spoke in a press conference after the hearing saying that he saw that the “blood drained from Adam Schiff’s face.”


This is how I saw it all go down, as stated in this article quoted from the Conservative Angle below. I’ll provide excerpt it here, as it is worth reading:

>>President Trump’s defense team methodically shredded the Democrats’ impeachment case by rebutting Schiff’s lies.

Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura opened the White House defense of President Donald Trump with video of Adam Schiff’s fake call and transcript he read during the House impeachment proceedings.

Jay Sekulow dunked on the Democrats and brought a copy of the Mueller report.

Sekulow brought up with him a copy of the Mueller investigation and reminded the US Senate and House Democrats that Robert Mueller found absolutely ZERO COLLUSION between President Trump and Russia during the 2016 elections. The Crossfire Hurricane investigation was the crime — NOT Donald Trump’s actions with Russian operatives. Trump had no interactions with Russian operatives.

Deputy White House Counsel Patrick Philbin obliterated Pelosi and said she had no authority to launch the impeachment inquiry without the full House vote.

Mr. Philbin also played several videos of Adam Schiff changing his story on the whistleblower.

Schiff is now shell-shocked because after months of him being able to lie and smear the President without a full-throated push back, Trump’s team is hitting him hard.

Speaking of withholding documents, Schiff is still hiding the transcript of Michael Atkinson’s testimony because he knows it will reveal Schiff coordinated with the whistleblower to launch an impeachment against Trump.<<<

Schiff Triggered After Trump’s Defense Team Obliterates Him and Exposes His Lies


Thankfully, there were some in alternative media circles who presented an accurate portrayal of what actually took place (I base this on what I saw) when the President’s legal team took the stage.  So how is it that this rendition of what they reported and what the mainstream media are reporting are so vastly different?

And why would the news app tell me the “five takeaways from the impeachment trial,” and go on to paint a completely different picture than the one I saw with my own eyes?  It’s like they wanted me to take their word for it and not watch the proceedings for myself.

And they get mad when they are called out as Fake News.

My point in all of this is that we have a media that deliberately distorts the truth and actively propagates mistruths and lies and then feeds that to the general population.

Many people would rather believe what the media tells them than actually sit and listen to three days worth of statements from attorneys.  I get it–some of it was boring.  But that’s no excuse to let someone tell you what happened without taking the time to fact check their accuracy.

There is a famous quote attributed to Thomas Jefferson:  “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”

Perhaps that eternal vigilance, if we seek to maintain true freedom of the press in light of our current dishonest media, is more needed today than ever before.

Oh, and just a word of caution: When you Google anything political, use something other than Google.  I typed in the same question to Google and then into Bing and Google only gave me mainstream left-leaning political articles.

To Bing’s credit, I was able to extract the piece from Conservative Angle I included above.  When it comes to searching anything online, caveat emptor. Buyer Beware!  We live in truly distorted and dishonest times.

Dishonest Times!  What a great title for news publications in America.  If the sneaker fits….

In today’s world, when it comes to news, we really have to seek out the truth for ourselves and not rely on what we are told to think and believe.  Don’t let anyone shape your worldview except YOU.

Eternal Vigilance is the price of freedom.

Indeed it is.

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