Recognizing and Eliminating the Spirit of Fear

Right now we are witnessing humanity under siege by a spirit of fear. People are cowering in their homes, wearing masks, distancing from others, and lining up to get experimental vaccines while governments are saturating the airwaves with nonstop media propaganda stoking the fires of fear in the hearts and minds of the populace in order to keep the fear alive.

In any other time period, governments would have a hard time coercing people to stay in their homes, mandating that citizens wear masks in order to purchase groceries. 

But now, not only have we crossed that line, governments are bombarding the airwaves with fear propaganda so much so that now citizens are turning on each other, spying on their neighbors, enforcing mask “mandates” that have no force of law behind them, and policing each other to obey whatever the government dictates.

Employers are firing good people in droves for refusing to inject themselves with an experimental vaccine. No matter that such actions violate the Nuremberg Code and many countries own regulations that have sworn to uphold it.

Community centers and community groups are requiring people prove they have complied with the government dictates on vaccination, mask wearing and distancing. Governments are putting their communities at risk by firing highly trained and necessary medical personnel, fire and law enforcement personnel. Our communities are much less safe now than the were a year ago, when the virus was originally unleashed from China.

In some governments around the world including the USA, Canada and Australia, there is no longer any consideration whatsoever for individual human liberty and civil rights. Constitutional rights are summarily ignored. Vaccination mandates are pushed, with no regard for those whose doctors have advised against the vaccine, or who already have antibody resistance thereby negating the need or a vaccine altogether. People are having to choose between injecting themselves with experimental substances or putting food on the table.

Meanwhile, voices of scientists, doctors, nurses, government whistleblowers and others who are speaking out against what we see happening are being purged and silenced.

Free Speech is dying a slow and painful death. 

In a strange twist of irony, those citizens who are tattling on their neighbors, forcing unlawful so-called mask mandates, screaming at people to roll up their sleeves and get the vaccine are the ones who are accusing the rest of us of not allowing society to “get back to normal.” 

How odd.

I contend that it is these ones bound by the spirit of fear, living and breathing the over-hyped media propaganda that are keeping society from returning to any semblance of normalcy. Meanwhile, the rest of us just want to go back to work, and live our lives and bid farewell to 2020, leaving it in the dust as a distant memory where it belongs.

What we need to do collectively is to recognize that we are being intentionally kept in an artificial state of fear. Fear is what is driving people to wear masks. Fear is what is driving people to rush to get an experimental vaccine. Fear is what is driving people to feel a false sense of moral superiority believing they have the right to tell their neighbors what to do with regard to their own bodies.

It is these people who need to recognize their own fears are being manipulated and that their respective governments are using fear as a weapon to force more compliance on society, further eroding basic human civil rights.

We must stop with the fear. We must stop listening to fear-based propaganda. We will survive this but we MUST stop allowing fear to rob us of our humanity.

Those who are truly interested in getting back to normal are the ones trying to get on with their lives. Honor them, they are the courageous ones who are choosing to live above the low vibration of fear.

We must stop living in fear.

Recognize fear for what it is and choose to not let it be weaponized by governments and others. We do not belong to fear. We are so much more than that, born out of a spirit of Love.

It is to this Love that we all must eventually return.

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